Michael Cohen sent home from prison, has something to say

After an initial media report weeks ago that Michael Cohen would be released from prison due to coronavirus fears, and a subsequent report that made it appear Bill Barr was trying to prevent Cohen from being released in order to keep him silent about Donald Trump, Cohen was in fact released today.

Michael Cohen will be under house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. We’ve been wondering if Cohen would have Twitter privileges, and it turns out the answer is apparently yes:


It’s been previously reported that Michael Cohen has been writing a tell-all book about his crime spree with Donald Trump, which is set to be released before the election. Trump was successful in getting John Bolton’s tell-all book delayed by falsely claiming that it was full of classified information. But Cohen has never been privy to any classified information to begin with, so Trump has no real avenue for trying to delay Cohen’s book. Even if Cohen were still in prison, the book would be released.

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