Michael Cohen says Donald Trump is going to prison

With the revelation that the majority of donations to Donald Trump’s election legal fund are actually going into Trump’s pocket instead, it’s becoming more clear that he doesn’t seriously believe he can somehow magically overturn the election result; he’s simply trying to profit from contesting the result.

The thing is, Trump is going to need that money because he doesn’t have any solid income from any of his assets or properties, and he’s about to lose the personal slush fund that is his corrupt presidency. Moreover, Trump is about to face some serious legal bills when it comes to the criminal defense he’s going to have to mount.

Michael Cohen appeared on the Ari Melber show tonight to remind everyone that Donald Trump really does have no income, and that he constantly has to try to get his hands on cash on any given day. After Dr. Jason Johnson suggested that Trump has to be careful about how he handles his exit for fear of ending up in jail, Cohen said “I believe Trump does go to jail.”

Michael Cohen would know better than anyone. He’s reportedly fully cooperated with not only the Feds at SNDY, but also New York State prosecutors, in their investigations into Donald Trump’s finances. Cohen is in a position to have a sense of how strong the case is against Trump – including on state charges that Trump can’t pardon himself on. And Cohen says Trump is going to prison. We believe he’s correct.

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