Here comes Michael Cohen’s (very public) revenge against Donald Trump

Back when Michael Cohen cut a plea deal, he vowed to reveal the whole truth about the crimes that he and Donald Trump committed together. Based on subsequent statements from Robert Mueller’s office, Cohen has indeed given up everything he has on Trump. Now the whole thing is about to become very public.

The House Oversight Committee, now controlled by Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings, announced today that Michael Cohen will publicly testify before the committee on February 7th. This means television cameras will be in the room, and you’ll all be able to watch it live on your favorite cable news channel. We’re about to see a lot of Donald Trump’s crimes laid out for all to see.

Michael Cohen immediately released a statement confirming that he’s looking forward to testifying. With Cohen fully on board, it does raise the question of why the committee is waiting another four weeks before making it happen. The committee is ostensibly coordinating its efforts with Robert Mueller and the SDNY, which in turn raises the question of whether the delay is because prosecutors expect to put more evidence and/or indictments on the table by February 7th.

In any case, House Democrats are going to get their opportunity to ask Michael Cohen all about the crimes that he conspired to commit with Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, and the whole gang. And short of anything that Mueller still needs to keep secret by that date, we can expect Cohen to lay it all out for the television cameras.