Michael Cohen reveals what Donald Trump is really up to

From literally the minute Donald Trump was declared the loser of the 2020 election in a multimillion vote blowout, the mainstream media has been breathlessly hyping him as a 2024 presidential candidate.

Palmer Report has spent the year pointing out the numerous reasons why this is unlikely: New York is on track to criminally indict him long before 2024, and it’s difficult to run for office from prison. His worsening health and cognitive problems are on display during his rare public appearances, suggesting he may not be around by 2024 anyway.

We’ve instead predicted that even if Trump does launch a 2024 “campaign” this year, it won’t be a real campaign, and will instead merely be a short term money grab that will go poof before the 2024 election cycle truly takes shape.

Now it turns out Michael Cohen, who knows Donald Trump better than almost anyone, sees it the same way. Cohen expects that Trump may launch a phony 2024 campaign so he can fundraise money and pocket it. But in such case Trump will drop out before the election gets serious, because Trump’s ego can’t handle the thought of losing to Joe Biden again.


This sounds about right. Trump would have an extraordinarily difficult time beating Biden in 2024 – particularly given that Trump wouldn’t be able to manipulate the system from within by doing things like sabotaging the Post Office. But Trump is desperate for money, and the easiest way to get it is to pretend in 2021 that he’s running in 2024.

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