Michael Cohen has a huge secret

If you’re a political writer and you want to crack a huge story right now, just go find Michael Cohen wherever he is in New York City, buy him a few too many drinks, and get him to spill whatever his big secret is. Come to think of it, don’t do any of that, because it could blow whatever Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff, the SDNY, and everyone else are cooking up against Donald Trump as we speak.

Michael Cohen has a secret. I don’t know what it is. Neither do you. But we all know that he has one, and it’s a big one, and that only a small handful of people are in on the whole thing. Cohen decided today that he’s not showing up for his scheduled House Intelligence Committee testimony on Friday, and he won’t be available for another three weeks. So the committee is outraged, right? Wrong.

Committee Chair Adam Schiff couldn’t hide his pleasure today when he announced that Michael Cohen’s testimony had been postponed. Nor was influential committee member Jackie Speier, who told reporters today that she’s not worried about it at all, and Cohen is doing great.

Something is suddenly in the works, and it clearly involves the cooperation of Michael Cohen, and it almost certainly involves the impending indictment of bigger fish. It’s important enough that the top Democrats on the House Intel Committee – who have surely been told what’s going on – are almost gleefully telling Cohen to go have fun with it, and they’ll get around to him when it’s over.

By definition, Michael Cohen knows at least most of what’s going on behind the scenes. He knows who he’s cooperating and/or testifying against right now. He knows what the crimes involved are. He knows which prosecutors are behind it all. And he probably has a sense of who’s getting indicted and when.

Much as we wish Cohen would simply grab a mic and spill his guts so we can stop wondering what’s going on, it all has to remain secret – for the moment at least – for the criminal cases involved to play out like they’re supposed to. But wow is this guy sitting on a whopper of a secret, whatever it might be. The three week window means it’ll probably all be out in the open a lot sooner than that. Tick tock.