Michael Cohen dunks on Donald Trump after Rudy Giuliani raid

When the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s home today in connection to Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, it resulted in Michael Cohen’s name trending on Twitter for much of the day. Why? Cohen was once a Trump lawyer and he ended up in prison for it. But now Cohen, who has been riding high while cooperating with various criminal investigations into Trump, is having a field day.

After the Giuliani raid, Michael Cohen tweeted this: “As I have said many times…they will all be held responsible for their own Dirty Deeds!” He also tweeted this hilarious meme about all of Trump’s lawyers ending up in prison with him:

It’s worth noting that the Feds didn’t just raid Rudy Giuliani’s home today; they also raided the home of Trump-connected lawyer Victoria Toensing. Their arrests are coming sooner or later. And they’ll be pressured to cut plea deals against Trump, rather than representing him.

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