Michael Cohen has really, really had enough of Donald Trump’s crap

Michael Cohen has already gone into court and named Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator, spilled his guts about Trump’s crimes to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and then spilled his guts about Trump’s crimes to New York State officials. Apparently, Cohen has decided that that’s not enough, and now he’s making a symbolic yet conspicuous move which appears to be aimed at sticking it to Trump ahead of the midterms.

Michael Cohen was always a registered Democrat, until he suddenly decided to become a registered Republican. But now he’s changed his registration back to Democrat, according to a report from Axios. Cohen retweeted the news after it was published, thus confirming its accuracy. So why does this matter?

It’s not as if Cohen is suddenly shifting his political ideology by joining the Democratic Party; he used to be a Democrat. But he seems to be making a point of making this move just before the midterm elections. To be clear, he could vote for either party in the midterms next month without having to change his registration. Instead this is a symbolic move, signaling to the public that he’s done with Trump altogether, and seemingly urging the public to hand control of Congress to the Democrats.

Again, Michael Cohen has already done the real work by flipping on Donald Trump and spilling his guts to prosecutors. Now he’s making a symbolic gesture on top of it. He must be really, really sick of Trump’s crap.