Michael Cohen is about to get his revenge on Donald Trump

Considering that Michael Cohen is currently in prison for crimes he helped Donald Trump commit, even as Donald Trump still roams free, Cohen won’t fully get his revenge until Trump is in prison. That’s coming. In the meantime, Cohen is aiming for something he can make happen much sooner, and thanks to a court ruling, it looks like he’s going to get it.

Michael Cohen has been trying to convince the courts to force Donald Trump to pay for Cohen’s legal bills. Cohen says that Trump originally agreed to do so, before ultimately refusing to pay up (sound familiar?). Yesterday the courts declined to order Trump to pay Cohen, but did grant Cohen the power to gather additional evidence to make his case that Trump really did agree to pay up. That’s where things get interesting.

Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis explained it this way on Twitter: “Michael Cohen’s legal victory over Donald Trump in Thursday’s NY State Supreme Court decision. Cohen can subpoena Trump to testify to prove case that Trump owes him legal fees – if Trump refuses, Cohen can obtain ‘default judgment’ and seize Trump assets to pay off debt.”

So now we’re looking at the very real possibility of Donald Trump being forced to testify about this while he’s still president, and if Trump refuses to do so, then Michael Cohen gets to start picking off Trump’s assets. Because this battle is playing out in state court, there is nothing that Trump or his compromised Department of Justice can do to sabotage the process. This could get interesting fast.

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