Donald Trump spokesman Michael Caputo plots his exit after going completely off deep end

How fundamentally screwed up is the Donald Trump regime? After Trump spokesman Michael Caputo was caught trying to falsify CDC data, and publicly called for violence after the election, and deleted his Twitter account to try to bury a history of racist tirades, and admitted to believing that the shadows in his apartment were out to get him, Palmer Report still predicted there was only a 50-50 chance he’d end up having to resign.

Now it appears Caputo is trying to head off a potential forced resignation, by telling his staff that he’s looking at taking a medical leave, and apparently making sure his staff leaked to Politico that he’s looking at taking a medical leave. To be clear, these kinds of things don’t leak by accident; Caputo seems to be trying to pull the plug on the controversy before the Trump regime has to do it for him.


Mental health is an important matter, and not one to be scoffed at. But Caputo is now also insisting in this same Politico article that he’s not suffering from mental health issues, as others in the White House have been asserting. Yet he still wants to take a medical leave, so it’s far from clear what’s really going on here. If he truly needs help, we hope he gets it. But whatever is going on here, he’s not off the hook for trying to falsify CDC reports during a pandemic.

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