Baseball’s Miami Marlins just caused a huge problem for Donald Trump

When the NBA and NHL announced that their shortened seasons would be played in an isolated bubble which prevented players from coming into contact with anyone in the outside world, it seemed like a solid plan. When Major League Baseball attempted to start the season by having teams travel to each other’s cities for games, it felt iffy at best.

Sure enough, just a few games into the season, a double digit number of Miami Marlins players, coaches, and employees have already tested positive for coronavirus. The Marlins are now canceling games, and MLB is trying to figure out whether or not it’ll have to cancel the entire season. So what does this have to do with Donald Trump?

Trump has been trying to sell Americans on the notion that the coronavirus threat has dissipated, or that it was all a hoax, and that it’s safe to do things like reopen schools and indoor places of business. But the Marlins just demonstrated that it’s not even safe for a baseball team to travel to a different city for games without catastrophic results – even when that team is taking all possible precautions.


If the baseball season gets canceled, or if it continues but results in even worse coronavirus outbreaks, it’ll blow a huge hole in Donald Trump’s narrative that everything is just fine. It’ll serve as a reminder to all Americans that Trump has mad a complete mess of the pandemic, that it’s getting even worse, and that he’s lying about it. For Trump’s lies to stick, he needs things like sports games to go well – and instead they’re already going south.

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