Donald Trump’s secret “deal” with Mexico turns out to be an even more delusional mess than we thought

Earlier today, Donald Trump stood outside the White House and ranted about how much he loves murderous dictator Kim Jong-Un, and how much hates former Vice President Joe Biden. Somewhere in there, Trump held up a sheet of paper which he claimed was a secret deal with Mexico on trade and immigration. The trouble: the sheet of paper appeared blank.

Could it get any worse than the President of the United States delusionally waving around a blank sheet of paper and insisting that it’s a signed trade deal? As it turns out, yes. Trump, ever the incompetent one, was holding up the blank side of the paper – which led to the initial confusion. A couple of on-site reporters managed to photograph the folded-up document in a manner which revealed portions of what it said.

The text of the deal is indeed a laundry list of things that Mexico is already doing, meaning that the deal is worthless to the United States. But Mexico says no such deal even exists. The truly odd part is that, based on photos collected by the Washington Post, it’s clear that the signatories on the “deal” aren’t people who could even authorize such a deal on behalf of their respective governments.

In other words, it appears the Trump regime cajoled the “deputy legal adviser in Mexico’s foreign ministry” into signing an unenforceable document that carries no legal weight, just so it could pretend a deal is in place, so Donald Trump could save face on his failed tariff bluff. Here’s the question: is Trump in on the phony nature of the “deal” he’s waving around, or did his handlers tell him it’s the real thing just to get him to back down on economy-killing tariffs? Now we’re back to wishing Trump were waving around a blank sheet of paper.

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