Donald Trump just made a total mess for himself with the New York grand jury that’s targeting him for indictment

When a New York grand jury subpoenaed Donald Trump’s tax returns last year, leading to a Supreme Court battle, it meant by legal definition that the grand jury was targeting Trump for criminal indictment. But the media and thus the public paid little attention to the fact that Trump was in the process of being indicted, until court filings two weeks ago specifically confirmed that Trump was being targeted for his financial crimes.

Trump now seems intent on making sure that a whole lot more attention is brought to the fact that he’s in the process of being criminally indicted. In a last ditch effort at preventing his tax returns from being given to the grand jury, Trump’s lawyers are demanding that the Manhattan District Attorney provide more details about the criminal charges that Trump is facing.

This legal maneuver has zero chance of preventing Trump’s tax returns from being given to the grand jury, and it won’t really buy Trump time either. Trump and his lawyers appear to be attempting to learn more about the criminal charges he’s facing, so they’ll have more time to prepare a defense before his inevitable arrest and trial if he loses the election. Here’s the thing, though.

If the judge grants Donald Trump’s request, all it will do is force the DA to release more details about the criminal charges Trump is going to get hit with. Three months before an election, this is the last thing Trump needs. It’ll give the media grounds for spending more time covering Trump’s crimes and the fact that he’s being indicted, which will serve to help inform voters that Trump is indeed a criminal. It’s as if Trump and his lawyers have decided they’re going to lose the election, and they’re already more focused on the inevitable trial.

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