Merrick Garland comes out swinging

Traveling can be both stressful and immensely fun. And traveling by plane presents a unique set of challenges.

But when all is said and done, and one is aboard the plane flying toward one’s next adventure, one usually just wants a bit of peace while aboard.

Perhaps one kicks back to watch a movie being shown up high in the friendly skies. Or maybe one chats excitedly with their flying companion or companions speaking excitedly of the fun times to come.
Or maybe one just tips their head back and goes to sleep — snoozing contentedly amidst the roar of the plane, the booming announcements, the screams of spoiled MAGAs.


As you may well have heard, there has been a record number of fights breaking out in the friendly skies. The majority of these fights have been shown to be caused by obnoxious MAGAa, sullen and pissed off about air mask mandates, or whatever else these children can find to throw tantrums about.

And it’s been a problem. But now AG Garland is cracking down on Skyborn Maga insanity — and he’s cracking down hard. Garland has directed attorneys all over America to make this a priority. To that end, he wants these people swiftly charged.

The memo says that he and the department of justice will “aggressively” prosecute any and all passengers who display any violent behavior. There are already literally hundreds of investigations going on into violent incidents.


This is excellent news as Airlines have been becoming increasingly worried as these incidents increase. Thank you, AG Garland, for making this a top priority. Hopefully, soon, the not-so-friendly skies will return to their previous calm — with a little help from our Justice Department.

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