Donald Trump is going to get impeached over the newly released Devin Nunes memo

The infamous and controversial Devin Nunes memo is now a matter of public record, after Nunes and his Republican allies on the House Intelligence Committee posted it on their official website today. The memo is stunning for its total lack of a reason to exist, as it makes no meaningful accusations of abuse against the FBI, even while purposely blowing up a classified ongoing investigation for no good reason. It just occurred to me that Donald Trump is going to get impeached over this memo.

I can’t tell you precisely when Trump is going to be impeached. I’m still sticking with my original premise that if his approval rating drops into the twenties before the midterm elections, the Republican Congress will panic and try to dump him, for fear of getting totally wiped out. But his approval rating has been mired in the thirties for some time, so let’s assume for the moment that it’s going to remain there, and the GOP won’t oust Trump after all. That means the Democrats will take the majority in the midterms, and immediately begin impeachment proceedings. The only question has been what precise impeachment charges he would face.

We know the Democrats will bring impeachment charges for obstruction of justice and every other crime Robert Mueller uncovers, ranging from money laundering to conspiracy against the United States. These are damning charges, all of them. But are they charges that the average American is going to understand and get behind? Most people don’t understand money laundering. Most people still don’t understand Trump’s role in the Trump-Russia election rigging plot. Most people in Trump’s position would commit obstruction of justice to try to protect themselves, which is why most people shouldn’t be president. But now we’ve got something the average person can understand.

Donald Trump conspired with Devin Nunes to write and release a memo full of classified information, for the sole purpose of playing “Don’t look over here, look over there” with the American people. The average American can understand that the memo is nonsense, and that leaking classified intel to try to get yourself off the hook is a serious crime. The Democrats have just found their most straightforward article of impeachment against Trump – if he even makes it to the midterms. This memo could indeed drive his approval rating instantly lower and force his ouster sooner.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report