The Devin Nunes memo just screwed Donald Trump

The trouble with relying on gullible idiots to do your corrupt bidding is that they’re unlikely to do a particularly competent job. Donald Trump is learning that the hard way, after having recruited bumbling buffoon Devin Nunes to run interference for him in the Trump-Russia investigation. Nunes has crafted a memo aimed at exonerating Trump, and as it turns out, the memo is such a disaster that it’s actually backed Trump into a no-win corner.

Nunes has only shown his memo to a handful of people, and the response has been predictably negative. Even the Republicans on his own House Intel Committee are largely refusing to vouch for his claims. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the committee, has seen the memo and has dismissed it as nonsensical hearsay. Schiff appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday night and revealed that Nunes hadn’t even read the source material that his memo criticizes.

More tellingly, Nunes is now refusing to show his memo to anyone else who asks. The FBI has requested a copy so it can vet it for classified information before it’s released to the public; Nunes refused. Richard Burr, the Republican Chair of the Senate Intel Committee, has asked for a copy; Nunes has also incredibly refused that request as well. Now, according to an on-air report from MSNBC host Chris Hayes, even Trump’s own Department of Justice is asking Nunes not to release the memo, because it’s such a disaster.

The trouble for Devin Nunes is that because he and a few of his fellow idiots in Congress have openly bragged about the memo and asserted that it exposes the Trump-Russia investigation as a partisan farce, Trump’s base is now demanding that the memo be released. Those demands won’t go away any time soon. But if Nunes releases the idiotic memo, it’ll only serve to make Trump look even more guilty. Nunes has screwed Trump by trying to help him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report