Donald Trump goes off deep end after Democratic rebuttal memo is released

Weeks after Donald Trump and Devin Nunes released a misleading and comically inept memo which tried and failed to turn the American public against the Trump-Russia investigation, the Democratic rebuttal to that memo has finally been released as well. In short, it even further exposes how dishonest the Nunes memo was. Suffice it to say that Trump is not taking it particularly well.

We’ll save you the legal verbiage of the Democratic memo itself, and instead we’ll present you with Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe’s summation: “The Adam Schiff memo, just released with DOJ & POTUS approval, shows that the surveillance of Carter Page was properly authorized LONG BEFORE the Steele dossier ever entered the picture. That blows the GOP case out of the water.” For the political interpretation, here’s Congressman Ted Lieu: “Dem House Intelligence Committee memo does many things: Destroys false claim by Nunes that FISA process was abused. Shows Donald Trump is in no way vindicated. Lays out ample probable cause to surveil Carter Page. Shows Steele Dossier corroborated. Shows FBI & DOJ know a lot.”

Then there’s Donald Trump, who responded to the Democratic memo with this 100% false word salad: “The Democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal BUST. Just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. SO ILLEGAL!” He then went on to quote the fictional claims about the memo that had been made by his favorite Fox News propagandists.

As Palmer Report has pointed out from the start, the Trump-Nunes memo completely failed in its goal. Trump was hoping the memo would turn the public against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein so he could fire him, which in turn might have hindered the Trump-Russia investigation. Trump swung and missed because he knew Rosenstein and Mueller were about to begin unloading Trump-Russia indictments by the bucketload. Sure enough, that’s now happening. Today’s Democratic rebuttal memo merely adds insult to injury when it comes to Trump’s failed stunt.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report