Donald Trump has complete meltdown about Colonel Vindman

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman is testifying behind closed doors to the House impeachment inquiry as we speak, and based on what’s surfaced about his testimony thus far alone, it’s got to be utterly devastating for Donald Trump. That’s not just our assessment; Trump himself appears to hold the same view. Just ask him.

Donald Trump is now claiming on Twitter that Colonel Vindman is a “Never Trumper” – which is weird, because that would presume that Vindman is a Republican (no one has any idea what his political leanings are), and that Vindman opposes the idea of a Trump presidency. It’s hard to imagine Vindman being a “Never Trumper” when you consider he was appointed by Trump, and has served under Trump in the White House.

Trump is also suddenly claiming that he’s never even heard of the witnesses who are testifying against him. That’s surreal, considering they all work, or previously worked, for him – and that he’s known to have had regular contact with at least some of them. If Trump truly doesn’t know who Colonel Vindman is, even though the guy has been serving on his National Security Council, that’s stunning.

In any case, Donald Trump appears to be so afraid of Colonel Vindman, his attacks haven’t actually included the guy’s name. Instead Trump is calling him “today’s witness” and such. Trump has good reason to be afraid of Vindman’s testimony; one leak to the media reveals that Vindman has revealed that the Trump-Ukraine phone call summary was sanitized to try to make it look less damning for Trump.

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