Donald Trump’s Friday night meltdown is one for the ages

Donald Trump has been having one heck of a difficult week. His plot to buy Greenland has blown up in his face. The impeachment process is advancing. His 2020 poll numbers are almost hysterically bad. So which of these problems is Trump looking to turn around in his favor? As it turns out, none of them.

It’s Friday night, and Donald Trump really, really, really wants you to know that his subpar crowd size at his New Hampshire rally wasn’t subpar after all. Nevermind that everyone involved, including his precious Fox News, showed the large numbers of empty seats in the building while Trump was speaking, of course.

Last night Donald Trump insisted that he’d somehow broken a record for the venue that had been set by Elton John. That’s a lie, but it’s fitting in the sense that Elton John is famous for singing Rocket Man, while Trump is famous for getting played for a fool by “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un. But Trump’s crowd size idiocy last night was nothing compared to what he posted tonight.

Late tonight, Trump posted this beauty of a tweet: “Great time in New Hampshire last night. Placed was maxed out, totally packed, with thousands coming to the arena floor at start. Thousands more outside that were not allowed in per code. Energy was really great to see.” Ah, so that’s where all the imaginary people were hiding. Then he added “We will win New Hampshire in 2020!” Considering his latest poll numbers, he probably should have added an eye roll emoji after that one.

Then Donald Trump tweeted an image that he claimed was of the overflow crowd outside the arena during his rally. The thing is, no one cares. Not even a little bit. Based on his track record, he’s probably lying, and the photos are probably fake. Even if they were real, there would still be no one who would care. Trump is simply trying to make himself feel better at the end of a week where he got his butt kicked up and down the freeway.

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