Donald Trump has berserk meltdown after his secret Chinese bank account is exposed

Last night Donald Trump lost the final presidential debate for quite a number of reasons. One of them was that he had absolutely no explanation for his recently exposed secret Chinese bank account, which was used to funnel $15 million directly to him in 2017. Now Trump is going berserk about it all, and trying to project the fact that he’s a Chinese puppet onto Joe Biden:

Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and he’s COMPROMISED. China is desperate for Biden to win because if Biden Wins, CHINA WINS – and China will OWN AMERICA. This corruption is EXACTLY why I decided to run for President in the first place. For years, I watched one betrayal after another, as politicians like Joe Biden sold out American Workers at every turn—shattering the lives of millions of American families while THEIR families raked in millions of dollars. I could not sit by and watch THEM take advantage of YOU anymore. They are coming after me because I am standing in their way, and standing guard for this Country we LOVE!

Well okay then. We’re not sure what’s more embarrassing, the sheer extent of the hyperbole or the fact that he’s presenting absolutely no evidence to back up his false claims. Meanwhile, the notion that Trump only ran for president because he couldn’t stand to watch politicians take advantage of the little guy? Absolutely laughable. Trump has spent his entire life ripping off the little guy. Trump has no closing message. No wonder he’s losing.

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