Everyone piles on as Melania Trump’s Rose Garden stunt goes off the rails

With the coronavirus continuing to ravage the United States in deadly and worsening fashion, the resulting economic impact continuing to worsen, and civil unrest in the streets, Donald Trump keeps finding new ways to show us how out of touch he is. He tweets about inane nonsense all day, then he goes golfing – a reminder to voters that he’s uniquely unfit for office. Now his wife is trying to compete with him on that front.

Melania Trump has announced that with the nation falling apart at the seams, she’s going to focus on… renovating the White House Rose Garden? Wait, that can’t be right. Except it is. The New York Times says that Melania is planning to install a new walkway and electrical equipment in the Rose Garden as an “act of expressing hope and optimism for the future.”


Wait, really? She’s that far out of touch? No one who’s trying to fend off a deadly virus, or trying to figure out how to make rent this month, or trying to figure out how not to get murdered by the police, cares about this kind of thing even a little bit. There’s a reason the name “Marie Antoinette” is trending right now. Melania may be even more derangedly out of touch than her husband.

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