Melania Trump is spiraling out of control

In her role as “First Lady,” Melania Trump is irrelevant enough that history will barely remember her if at all, even as her husband will go down as the biggest villain of his era. But we can nonetheless use Melania as a measuring stick for how things are generally going within the Donald Trump regime. The bottom line right now: that regime is falling apart, and Melania is visibly spiraling out of control.

When a criminal regime figures out it’s about to be torn down from top to bottom, you may briefly see that regime come together in a unified fight to collectively save itself. But that inevitably gives way to the chapter in which they all realize there’s no hope of saving the regime, and some of them decide to use their limited remaining time to try to save themselves. Others decide to try to get petty revenge on those within the regime they don’t like. That brings us to Melania Trump.

Yesterday, Melania publicly and privately told Donald Trump to fire Deputy National Security Adviser Mira ­Ricardel. Apparently the two clashed over airplane seating arrangements during Melania’s recent trip to Africa. In fairness to Melania, there have been scattered reports that Ricardel couldn’t seem to get along with anyone. But Melania wasn’t elected to anything, and thus she should not get to make judgment calls about national security personnel getting fired. She knows this, too.

Melania Trump has to be well aware that by picking this fight and taking it public, she’s shredding what little might be left of her reputation or credibility. She clearly doesn’t care anymore. She just wants revenge on Ricardel. This is a clear cut sign that Melania doesn’t see her husband’s regime lasting much longer, doesn’t see herself being in the public spotlight much longer, and is becoming increasingly reckless accordingly. She’s spiraling out of control, and she’s far from the only one.