Something’s up with Melania Trump

When images emerged on Saturday of Donald Trump traveling with a happy and smiling Melania Trump, it set off alarms on social media. First of all, Melania is never happy and smiling when she’s with Donald. Also, she didn’t look much like Melania Trump.

And so the long running “Fake Melania” theory continues. There’s no evidence that the Trump regime is using a Melania Trump impersonator to accompany Donald Trump on the days that Melania can’t be bothered to travel with him. But things have been awfully suspicious with her lately.

On Tuesday Melania’s people announced that she was canceling a planned appearance at a Donald Trump rally, citing a lingering cough from her bout with coronavirus. Okay, fair enough. But then just two days later Melania showed up to the debate, seemingly fine. Then on Saturday, when Donald Trump went to vote, Melania wasn’t with him. But then at another point on Saturday, she was with him, but she suddenly looked strange.

Again, we’re not buying into the “Fake Melania” body double theory, if only because the Trump regime has consistently showed that it’s way too incompetent to pull something like that off; we’d be seeing much more blatant evidence than the occasional photo that doesn’t look like her. But her disappearing and reappearing act alone is enough to give away that something is up with her. Either she’s still sick with coronavirus or she isn’t. What’s going on here?

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