Melania Trump’s sidekick just gave up everything

Earlier this summer, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the SDNY announced that no additional charges would be brought in the illegal hush money scandal that sent Michael Cohen to prison. This was a clear sign that Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr was meddling in the case, because there was enough publicly available evidence to indict several people close to Trump.

Now that the SDNY can’t be trusted to bring the proper federal charges against Donald Trump’s allies and associates, that leaves it to those who are in position to bring non-federal charges. We still don’t know precisely what New York Attorney General Tish James is doing with the payoff scandal, which largely happened within her jurisdiction. But now we know that the Washington DC Attorney General has picked up the related case involving the Trump inaugural committee.

More to the point, the DC Attorney General has subpoenaed all inaugural-related records from Melania Trump’s longtime sidekick Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and according to Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox, Wolkoff has given up everything. It’s not difficult to parse why. While Wolkoff was hired to oversee large chunks of the inaugural, none of the voluminous publicly available evidence points to Wolkoff having done anything illegal – and for that matter none of the known evidence points to her pal Melania either – so it makes sense that Wolkoff would rather just give up whoever the real targets are, and keep herself in the clear.

Bill Barr and Trump’s Department of Justice have zero ability to veto any charges or indictments brought by the Washington DC Attorney General. It’s still not clear who all is being criminally targeted in this scandal, but it is becoming increasingly clear that whoever they are, they’re going to be indicted – and there’s nothing that the Trump regime can do to stop it.

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