Melania Trump has a whole new problem

Donald Trump is such a toxically unpopular pariah, he managed to get booed at a World Series game in the nation’s capital, and at a UFC event in his hometown of New York, in the same month. America has reached critical mass in terms of wanting Trump gone so badly, he can’t set foot in public without hearing about what a monster he is. Now that critical mass has extended to Melania Trump as well.

Melania Trump is inexplicably traveling around and promoting her laugh-out-loud “Be Best” campaign at a time when her husband is being impeached for crimes against the United States, and a grand jury in New York is moving closer to indicting him. Perhaps someone should have told Melania that she would do well to lay low until after her husband has been taken to prison. Instead she decided to decided to speak at a school today in Baltimore.

The event saw the middle and high school kids in the audience loudly booing Melania Trump to her face while she was trying to give a speech, according to BuzzFeed. Good for them. It would be inappropriate for an audience of students to boo a speaker simply because they disagree with the person. But Melania is aiding and abetting Donald Trump’s monstrous crimes, so these students were right to give her an earful.

This is just getting started, of course. For whatever remaining length of time Donald Trump tries to hold onto the presidency before he’s inevitably dragged away in handcuffs, he remains the most dire threat that America has ever faced. He’ll continue to get booed and protested – and so will those who are helping him carry out his ongoing treason plot.

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