Melania Trump has a whole new reason to be pissed off at Donald Trump

Weeks ago, Melania Trump decided she’d had enough of her husband’s crap. When it was publicly revealed that Donald Trump cheated on her a decade ago with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, and then paid off Daniels during the election, Melania began acting out against him. She bailed on his overseas trip. She showed up separately to the State of the Union. She’s snubbed him when they’ve appeared together in public. She’s clearly ticked off at him. Now she has a whole new reason to be ticked off.

Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is now claiming that he made the six figure payout to Daniels out of his own pocket, and that Trump didn’t reimburse him, and had nothing to do with it, according to the New York Times (link). No one is going to believe this, of course. This a rather plainly desperate attempt at insulating Trump from the campaign finance laws that he appeared to violate by using campaign funds to pay the $130,000.

Just maybe, this weird gambit will help Trump out a bit in a court of law by mudduing the waters. But it’s going to make things even worse for Donald in the court of Melania. If she was already angry that Donald made the payoff to begin with, she’s likely to be even more upset that he’s dragging the humiliating episode back into the headlines by having his attorney make this ridiculous claim.

So why does this matter, and should we care? The upshot is this. At a time when Donald Trump is trying and largely failing to fend off everything from the Russia scandal to the Rob Porter scandal to the obstruction of justice scandal on down, the very last thing he needs is a marriage scandal making things even more complicated for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report