Looks like Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are trying to destroy each other as Donald Trump circles the drain

Earlier this week we brought you the news of how Melania Trump’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, was publishing a tell-all book about her time in and around the Trump regime. Wolkoff allegedly has recordings capturing Melania saying awful things about Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump. Even as we wait for the tapes to surface, some of the dirt is surfacing already.

The Guardian has obtained information about the book’s contents, and let’s just say that the details are ugly. Melania apparently blames Ivanka for her plagiarism scandal, and she refers to Ivanka and her allies as “snakes.” Melania even believes that Ivanka used convicted criminal Rick Gates to spy on her, and that she’s leaked negative information designed to make Melania look bad.


Of course, with so many bigger and more important things going on in America right now, does this kind of internal feuding really matter? If nothing else, it does serve to demonstrate just how dysfunctional and idiotic of a place the Trump White House is; clearly no one in that building is putting even an ounce of focus on trying to solve the nation’s problems. And the timing of Wolkoff’s new tell-all book is the latest reminder that the beleaguered Trumps are on their way down, and everyone is looking to pile on.

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