Donald Trump crashes and burns on Meet The Press

Donald Trump appeared on “Meet the Press” this Sunday to talk with Chuck Todd about a wide variety of topics, including the escalating tensions with Iran. As always, if it is a day ending in a “y,” it is “Press the Bullshite Meat with Trump.”

In one exchange with Chuck Todd about the potential retribution against Iran for shooting our drone out of the sky, the following exchange took place:

DONALD TRUMP: No, no. “We’re about ready to go.” No, but they would have been pretty soon. And things would have happened to a point where you wouldn’t turn back or couldn’t turn back. So they came and they said, “Sir, we’re ready to go. We’d like a decision.” I said, “I want to know something before you go. How many people will be killed, in this case Iranians?” I said, “How many people are going to be killed?” “Sir, I’d like get back to you on that,” great people these generals. They said, came back, said, “Sir, approximately 150.” And I thought about it for a second ….

CHUCK TODD: So what should the response be right now?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, first of all, …we’ve done very massive sanctions. We’re increasing the sanctions now. But the response is always going to be very strong. I built up a lot of capital. I’ve had a lot of people that aren’t Trump fans saying, “I can’t believe.” You know, a lot of them said, “We’re going to be in World War III the first week.” Didn’t work out that way. We’re doing great in North Korea. We’re doing great in a lot of different places. We knocked out the caliphate in Syria. We knocked out 100%….

CHUCK TODD: It’s not 100%. Not everybody says it’s 100%, even —

His version of events and calling a last minute audible was described by those in know as preposterous. We also know that things are not great in many areas and his claims that many are saying “I can’t believe” are ridiculous. And one wonders what the case would be if he kept the deal with Iran in place. Up until that pullout, Iran appeared to be honoring the deal. Now, we have escalating tensions with no end in sight.

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