Donald Trump sounds like a guy who’s in need of immediate medical attention

It’s difficult enough to try to match up Donald Trump’s recent words and what you might call coherent English, because it’s like comparing apples and oranges – and that’s before getting to the fact that Trump’s gibberish involves apples and oranges. There’s something profoundly wrong with this guy, and whatever it is, it’s getting worse by the hour.

Imagine for a moment if President Barack Obama, while he was still in office, simply stopped making any sense. Imagine if Obama said something about “Tim Apple” and then days later began repeatedly demanding to know the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation. Imagine if Obama became obsessed with windmills and claimed that they made noises that caused cancer. Imagine if Obama began rambling incoherently about an imaginary wall that had thirty-six doors in it, only to then claim in his next sentence that those doors didn’t exist.

Even if you loved Obama, you’d have to conclude that something had gone extraordinarily wrong if he began acting like this, and you’d have to reluctantly conclude that he needed to be immediately examined by medical and psychological professionals. Yet here we are with “President” Donald Trump behaving in precisely the manner described above, and too few pundits are willing to state the obvious: everything else that’s objectionable about him aside, Trump isn’t mentally competent enough to do the job.

So where do we go from here? Donald Trump keeps shedding cabinet members and not replacing them, making the math particularly convoluted when it comes to the 25th Amendment. On the other hand, impeachment is inevitably coming once House Democrats have unearthed enough dirt to successfully kick Trump to the curb, but not this week or next. For now we’re stuck with a guy who, if he weren’t President of the United States, would quite possibly have been forcibly taken into medical care by now, by the appropriate authorities. Let that sink in.

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