Now we know why Donald Trump was obsessively targeting the FBI’s Andrew McCabe

Donald Trump has spent months publicly and privately trying to get rid of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He’s tried and failed to get the FBI Director to fire him. He’s tweeted absurd phony conspiracy theories about McCabe on a regular basis. He’s publicly threatened to take away McCabe’s pension. Trump has finally succeeded in convincing McCabe to retire. But now that Trump has won his weird feud, he’s decided to take his obsession with McCabe in an even more demented direction.

McCabe isn’t even involved in the investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal. Nonetheless, Trump became clinically obsessed with McCabe once he learned that McCabe’s wife is a Democratic politician. In Trump’s paranoid delusional mind, that meant McCabe was somehow a secret agent for Hillary Clinton who was out to get him. It shows you how far off the rails Trump has gone that he believed this nonsense to begin with, and that he devoted months of his focus and much of his remaining political capital to trying to oust McCabe. But Trump is just getting started with it.

One day after McCabe finally gave in and announced his retirement, now we’re finding out what this is really about. All along, Trump has secretly had the FBI Inspector General investigating how McCabe handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, according to a new Washington Post report (link). By all accounts, McCabe handled it by the book. But this sham investigation is taking details out of context in an attempt at falsely painting McCabe as somehow having tried to protect Hillary with regard to her emails.

So now we know what this is really about. Donald Trump, who is on his way to prison for crimes ranging from obstruction of justice to money laundering to conspiracy against the United States, is obsessively trying to convince himself that he’s not the criminal, Hillary Clinton is. In his fully broken mind, Andrew McCabe tried to rig the election in Hillary’s favor by protecting her from her emails, even though everyone knows by now that she didn’t do a thing wrong with her emails. But Trump is putting most of his chips down on trying to destroy McCabe because he thinks it’ll vindicate him as being innocent of treason and Hillary as being guilty of… whatever the voices in his head are telling him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report