Donald Trump may never even come back

– If Trump had any remaining hope of somehow magically stealing a second term, the last thing he’d be doing right now is endgame pardons. He’s giving away that he knows it’s 100% over.

– No, Trump can’t magically pardon his way into remaining in office for a second term. Given what’s going on with the grand jury in New York State, he can’t even pardon his way out of prison.

– Now that Trump has bailed out to Mar-a-Lago for at least the rest of 2020, what are the odds that he ever actually returns to the White House? Tough to say, considering how tepidly indecisive he’s become. But probably no better than 50-50. For all of his bravado and bluster, Trump is the kind of guy who usually chooses to go sneak out the back door before the party gets shut down, then arbitrarily claim that he was smart for leaving.

– Tweet of the day, from Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings: “If it wasn’t for congressional Republicans you would be getting $2,000 in COVID relief.”

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