Trump may have finally screwed himself

When Donald Trump tweeted a quote on Sunday night calling for a “Civil War” if he’s impeached and removed from office, he probably committed treason under the legal definition of the term. He also may have violated Twitter terms of service. There’s one thing we do know for sure: he violated the rule that says Trump can’t take things so disgustingly far, Republicans in Congress feel compelled to finally come out against him.

Yet that’s what happened when Donald Trump’s “Civl War” tweet pushed House Republican Adam Kinzinger to slam Trump for being “beyond repugnant” in a tweet of his own. Kinzinger has no strategic reason for saying this. He represents a far-right conservative district where Trump won by nearly twenty points in 2016. There’s not much to be gained back home for Kinzinger by publicly attacking Trump – in the midst of Trump’s impeachment, no less.

And yet it seems like Kinzinger has simply had enough of this crap, and couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer. We’ll see if Donald Trump, who by now is surely passed out for the night with his head in a bucket of Cheetos, dares to fire back at Kinzinger in the morning. If Trump does, he risks alienating the far-right House Republicans who are allied with Kinzinger, which could lead to more of them coming out against Trump. On the other hand, if Trump remains silent, it’ll be seen as a greenlight for House Republicans to be able to say whatever they want about Trump without reprisal.


We’ve reached a turning point now. Donald Trump just committed treason, and one House Republican has condemned him for it thus far tonight. But sometimes that’s all it takes to at least force the issue, to where other House Republicans will feel like they can’t just ignore the “Civil War” tweet when they wake up tomorrow. Trump may have finally screwed himself.

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