Matthew McConaughey just kicked the door wide open for Beto O’Rourke

A meteor. A shooting star. A “streak of light in the sky.” I like to think of both Beto O’Rourke and the Democratic Party as meteors. Our party shines bright. We are the ones who want to make the world a better place, but why is it so hard to let the general public know this? Why do so many still vote against their own self-interest?

There are too many answers to that question to count — and if anyone knew ALL the answers, the GOP would be permanently out of power. But one thing is sure. Fear is a huge reason why.

And now the fear machine is coming for Beto. And we must wage war on fear and try to keep the ethereal light of truth alive — because the future of the Democratic party depends on it.

Matthew McConaughey has decided not to run for Governor of Texas. This is a good decision and what it means is that Beto can do more than come within striking distance. He can win this thing.

But the fear campaign has already started in part, aided by the bloodsucking foul help of the Media. If one googles Beto, one will not see his plans for Texas. One will see dark headlines about taking peoples’ guns and how he already lost twice.

We must keep ourselves on offense while promoting our candidate — the only candidate for Texas Governor. And it is never too early to start. If you are a Texan — put up fliers. Educate people on Greg Abbott’s Texas. This would be a Texas with broken power grids, backstreet ally abortions, and rampant Covid cases everywhere.

Now, let’s look at Beto’s Texas. That would be a Texas where people come together — a Texas where communities help each other and are united rather than being driven apart. It means health care for all Americans. It means legal and safe abortions.


And it means being led by a shining star — an authentic and radiant candidate whose confidence in Texas shines as brightly as any meteor has done and whose dreams for Texas are this close to becoming a reality — with a bit of help from us.

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