Matt Whitaker goes flying off the rails and crashes and burns

Acting Attorney General Matt “Full of Shitaker” Whitaker is testifying today in front of the House Judiciary Committee, and may have already implicated himself in a perjury crime. In preparation for the hearing, Whitaker sparred with the Committee over whether or not he would appear, fighting over a subpoena. He apparently prepared himself to be combative and in fighting mode as he answered questions – if that is what you call it.

As a former prosecutor, if witnesses acted like this in his Whitaker’s courtrooms, he would have had asked the judge to instruct the witnesses or hold them in contempt. Representative Ted Lieu asked Whitaker if anything in the Constitution says a sitting president can’t be indicted, or family members of a sitting president can’t be indicted. Whitaker became combative and pointed to the Department of Justice policy stating a president cannot be indicted. Lieu at the end submitted the Constitution for the record.

After Chairman Jerry Nadler asked him if he has been asked to approve any of Mueller’s moves, Whitaker responded like a smart ass, “Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up. I’m here voluntarily I agreed to five-minute rounds.” When asked about his discussions with “President” Trump about Michael Cohen or the Southern District of New York, he refused to answer.

Whitaker is playing gruff and answering with a “full of Shitaker” combative approach, which cannot benefit him. His behavior and pushback and denials also raise serious questions for us as a nation. Mr. Whitaker’s evasiveness, stalling, belligerence, anger and attitude raise significant concerns regarding his appointment to oversee the Special Counsel’s investigation.

We deserve candor, and we also need to know or get to the bottom of the situation with Sheldon Adelson and the DOJ letter regarding internet casinos, in light of his testimony regarding recent contributions from casinos to his failed campaign from several years ago. This man is not qualified to be a ring card holder at an MMA match or a referee at a CrossFit event, let alone to be overseeing anything as a Trump Toady.