Matt Gaetz’s entire life is falling apart tonight

If you’re facing a political scandal, it’s all over for you once multiple staffers have begun resigning because they want off your sinking ship before you go under. If you’re facing a criminal scandal, it’s all over for you once one of your alleged co-conspirators cuts a plea deal against you. In that sense, Matt Gaetz’s entire life is falling apart tonight.

Earlier today, Joel Greenberg – who has been indicted on a variety of charges including underage sex trafficking – had a court appearance. Greenberg’s lawyer used the opportunity to announce that Greenberg has decided to cut a plea deal. The lawyer went on to specifically state that Matt Gaetz should be feeling uncomfortable right now. In other words, Greenberg is giving up everything he has on Gaetz. But that’s not Gaetz’s only problem tonight.

The New York Times is reporting tonight that a second top Matt Gaetz staffer has resigned. One staffer resigning could be happenstance. But when multiple top staffers begin resigning amid the same scandal, it’s a trend, and it means they expect (or want) that politician to go down. Worse, the second staffer said that working for Gaetz had become like working for TMZ, which tells you how bad it’s gotten.

This still leaves the timetable for Matt Gaetz’s seemingly inevitable indictment and resignation. When politicians are completely screwed in the legal sense, they usually try to hang onto their office as long as possible, if only so they can trade their resignation later as part of a plea deal. But the Greenberg plea deal means that the Feds’ timetable for indicting Gaetz may have just been significantly sped up. And no matter what Gaetz or the GOP might say, if he’s indicted for underage sex trafficking, he’s not going to be able to survive in Congress. Gaetz’s entire life is falling apart tonight.

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