Matt Gaetz’s associates are suddenly dropping like flies

The headlines just keep getting uglier for Matt Gaetz. The federal criminal investigation into him keeps expanding to cover more kinds of crimes, and keeps including more people. Notably, several of Gaetz’s associates named in these media reports are suddenly dropping like flies.

This week the New York Times reported that the Feds are investigating whether Matt Gaetz and a lobbyist named Chris Dorworth discussed rigging a Florida State Senate race by entering a phantom third party candidate into the race. On Friday, Dorworth announced on Twitter that he’s lost his lobbyist job. This is notable, considering he worked for a pro-Trump lobbying firm. That’s right, even the pro-Trump people are apparently afraid of where this probe is heading.

Then there was the report this week that the Feds are investigating whether Matt Gaetz and a Florida hand surgeon named Jason Pirozzolo took paid escorts with them on a Bahamas trip. Now Pirozzolo has suddenly deleted his Twitter account.


One by one, the people mentioned as being connected to the Matt Gaetz criminal probe are suddenly disappearing from their jobs or disappearing from social media. This comes even as indicted Florida politician Joel Greenberg, who is is the center of the Gaetz mess, announced that he’s cutting a plea deal. This means Greenberg will turn over all of the communications, records, and evidence that he has against everyone. So whatever the truth is when it comes to Gaetz’s associates, it’ll all end up coming out.

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