Matt Gaetz throws a fit

Last month federal prosecutors let it be known through the media that they were looking at criminally indicting Matt Gaetz sometime in July. If that timeframe still holds – and there has been nothing to suggest otherwise – then Gaetz could be just days away from arrest. He seems to know it, too.

We all witnessed the Matt Gaetz debacle over the weekend, which saw him failing to find a venue to hold his California rally, before ultimately holding a poorly attended protest outside one of the venues. Gaetz then got trolled by a prankster who approached him and Marjorie Taylor Greene on the beach, suggesting that the whole thing really is slipping away from him. Now Gaetz is throwing a fit about a cartoon. No, really.

This is an actual tweet from Matt Gaetz today:

It’s difficult to tell if he actually thinks the Revolutionary War was about British accents, or if he just really hates Peppa Pig. Either way, given that Gaetz is under federal criminal investigation for underage sex trafficking, perhaps he shouldn’t be opining about a children’s TV show. This guy is losing it pretty badly now.

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