Matt Gaetz just gave away how nervous he is about what comes next

One does have to wonder what is up with Florida’s elected officials. I feel deeply sorry for the people of Florida. They have a coward for a Governor in the form of Ron DeSantis, and they also have an idiot for a Congressman. I’m looking at you, Matt Gaetz.

To those who would respond saying that Florida knew what they were getting — perhaps some did. But there are a heck of a lot of good people in Florida. I know some of them. And these people are NOT happy campers right now.

So, I have some news on the high-haired Gaetz. As Palmer Report has told you, the investigation is ongoing, and nobody’s favorite former Tax collector, Joel Greenberg, had asked for more time before his sentencing hearing which he received. Now Gaetz is reacting.

Gaetz spoke to WEAR-TV, where he solemnly declared he deeply “regrets” his friendship with Greenberg. I just bet he does. Per the Independent, “I’ve never been to the Bahamas with a lobbyist,” Gaetz whined.

Gaetz also said: “When I became aware of some of Greenberg’s misdeeds, I deeply regretted my friendship with him.” Right.

In the meantime, when he is not declaring his innocence against charges that have yet to be brought, Gaetz is busy tweeting about the awful people Garland and the FBI are. I understand the impatience regarding Gaetz, but I do want the FBI to get this right. I believe in the term, “Good things come to those who wait.”


I am also wondering who ELSE this little scandal might take down. Because I do not believe it is only Gaetz. Greenberg clearly has much information, and this information must be about more than one person. We will see what happens. But one thing is certain. This scandal has legs and is not going away anytime soon. No wonder Gaetz is behaving in such nervous fashion.

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