Matt Gaetz is screwed six ways to Sunday

Matt Gaetz is under federal criminal investigation for underage sex trafficking – a hideous crime – and that alone means he’s facing real trouble. But it’s not just the seriousness of the charge. It’s that Gaetz is reportedly being probed for a variety of federal crimes, some of which are easier to make stick.

Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg says that if Matt Gaetz is convicted on child sex trafficking, he’s facing up to life in prison. But even if he beats the rap on that charge, he’ll face up to fifteen years in prison if he’s convicted for having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. As Aronberg explains, even if prosecutors are only able to make one charge or the other stick, and not both, Gaetz’s life will still effectively be over.


Over the weekend CNN reported that the Feds are also investigating whether Matt Gaetz used campaign money to fund his exploits. If this turns out to be the case, Gaetz will still end up in prison even if all the more serious charges fall apart. In other words, Gaetz is screwed even if only some of the things he’s being investigated for end up being provable in court. And if he’s convicted of all of it, he’ll be a prisoner for the rest of his life.

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