Matt Gaetz gives away the game

The 2022 election is being treated as a foregone conclusion in many political circles, both by doomers in the punditry and overly optimistic conservatives. While midterm elections are often difficult for the political party currently occupying the White House, Democrats are still doing fairly well on the generic ballot and it takes a lower threshold for them to keep the House than it did for them to flip the House back in 2018. Therefore, it is unwise to treat next year’s elections as a done deal.

This is, of course, where Matt Gaetz enters the story. At a recent rally, he said the quiet part aloud, vowing that he would be the face of the current GOP alongside Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, and Jim Jordan – that QAnon would officially be in charge – getting the answers and calling for subpoenas. He didn’t say what the subpoenas were for exactly, but it doesn’t really matter. If anyone remembers how catastrophic the House was following the 2010 elections, with made up scandals the GOP used for political gain, Gaetz vows that things will be even worse – one of the few times he’s ever told the truth.


If there’s ever a way to link the entire GOP to one awful and detestable candidate, this is it. It was a bit harder to link Republican candidates to Donald Trump in 2021 as he’s no longer in power, and they were running independently of each other while pretending to be moderate. But any Republican candidate in 2022, regardless of how moderate they appear is in league with characters like Greene, Gaetz or Gosar, and the key to winning in 2022 is to regularly bring these characters up – along with everything they say or do.

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