Matt Gaetz flames out

How bad are things for Matt Gaetz? In recent weeks ABC News and others sources have revealed that federal prosecutors have indeed decided to criminally indict him, and the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is that Joel Greenberg has provided too much evidence.

In other words, Matt Gaetz’s days as a non-indicted man are numbered. He seems to know it too, as his antics continue to escalate while the clock ticks down against him. Gaetz tried holding a rally in Washington State, and Activist Ron Filipkowski documented the debacle:

That’s right, no matter where Matt Gaetz goes, he ends up managing to flame out. His “victory tour” earlier this year with Marjorie Taylor Greene ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now he’s managing to fail badly in the Pacific Northwest as well. Gaetz is a failure from sea to shining sea.

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