Donald Trump’s mass-retweet meltdown saga just took an even more jarring turn

On Friday, Donald Trump posted a series of incredibly reckless retweets of obscure and suspicious Twitter accounts, including one which identified the supposed name of the whistleblower – which was a felony. By Saturday, several of these retweets had disappeared. This led us and others to ask who within Trump’s team panicked and deleted these retweets.

Now we have the answer: no one. In a surprise turn of events, Twitter is telling CNN’s Brian Stelter that Donald Trump didn’t actually delete any of his retweets. Instead, a technical glitch caused Trump’s retweet, along with retweets from “millions of other accounts,” to temporarily vanish. Now that the glitch has been resolved, Trump’s felonious tweet is once again visible.

This is nothing short of remarkable. For a brief moment there, it 100% appeared that Donald Trump or someone on his team had finally figured out that committing felonies on Twitter was a bad idea. Now it turns out that, predictably, no one in Trump’s orbit has that kind of self awareness. That’s fascinating, considering how many of Trump’s advisers have already been convicted of crimes and sent to prison for helping Trump commit felonies.

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