Mike Pence is every bit as much of a corrupt, extremist, unbalanced sociopath as Donald Trump – he’s just lot more mild mannered about it. That fools some people into believing he’s more reasonable than Trump. It also lulls some people into concluding that Pence is the kind of savvy political operative who knows what he’s doing.

Really? All you need to do is look at Mike Pence’s mask-gate. We all know why he didn’t wear a mask to the Mayo Clinic. He doesn’t care if other people get sick or die, and he was more worried about Donald Trump having a negative reaction, because then there might be pressure for Trump to start wearing a mask as well.

So Mike Pence took the hit, because that’s what lapdogs do. But once it immediately became the kind of scandal that he was going to have to address if he wanted any chance of it going away, he decided to show us just how savvy he is. In the process he accused the Mayo Clinic of lying, sent his wife out there to accuse the Mayo Clinic of lying, and even threatened a reporter.

Last night, with the mask scandal still brewing so strong that he was on the verge of having to change his name to Mask Pence, we finally saw Mike Pence simply admit that he should have worn a mask. It was always going to come to this, and he should have known it. If he made the calculation that he needed to take the hit for Trump by not wearing one, then he should have understood that he also needed to quietly admit he was wrong that same day, so it wouldn’t become an endless scandal. Keep that in mind the next time someone suggests that Pence is the savvy one in this regime. He’s as much of a bumbler as the rest.

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