Donald Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry caught on tape destroying him

It turns out Mary Trump isn’t the only member of the Trump family who thinks Donald Trump is an evil piece of crap. New audio tapes capture Donald’s sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, ripping Donald to pieces during a phone call with Mary.

In the recordings obtained by the Washington Post, Maryanne is heard telling Mary that Donald Trump “has no principles. None. None. And his base, I mean my God, if you were a religious person, you want to help people. Not do this.” She also condemned Trump his tweets, for lying, and for his “lack of preparation” in doing the job. She also made clear that she disagreed with what Donald was doing to immigrant kids at the border.

These tapes are a big deal because they help confirm the claims that Mary Trump made in her book, and they make clear that multiple members of the Trump family think that Donald Trump is an absolute disgrace and disaster. Notably, Maryanne Trump Barry also confirmed in these recordings that Donald Trump “doesn’t read.” We pretty much already knew that part.

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