Mary Trump just made a great point about Donald Trump’s U.S. Capitol domestic terrorist attack

Even as everyone from the media to the public to law enforcement continues to try to suss out what all was really going on behind the scenes before and during the U.S. Capitol domestic terrorist attack, Mary Trump has unique insight into her uncle’s deranged psychopathy.

Mary Trump made a great point when she tweeted this: “So, some of the armed insurrectionists are essentially saying they were just following orders? Huh.” In other words, if the insurrectionists are making this legal argument in court, then it certainly strengthens the legal argument that Trump is criminally responsible for inciting them to carry out the attack.

Traci Breazeale also made a great point when she replied to Mary Trump’s tweet with this logical conclusion: “It had to have come from Trump for the one simple fact we know for sure he was not rushed to a secure location he sat in the white house watching TV like any other day.”

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