Mary Trump comes out swinging at Donald Trump

Once it became clear awhile back that Donald Trump was actively misleading the American people about the coronavirus threat in ways that were causing them to die, Palmer Report argued that Trump was committing negligent homicide. Of course the tricky part would be proving it beyond a reasonable doubt; Trump could argue to a jury that he was simply working with bad information or that he was mistaken.

But now that Trump has admitted on tape that he’s been lying about the nature of the coronavirus all along, it’s the kind of taped confession that could be (and probably eventually will be) admitted as evidence at his criminal trial. We’re not the only ones who see it this way.

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump reacted to the taped confession with this tweet: “This is at least reckless endangerment and it’s potentially criminally negligent homicide–or worse. 180,000 Americans should still be with us. How many more will die? And for what?” She also asked why the nation’s leading newspapers haven’t yet called for Donald Trump to resign. That’s a good question.

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