Mark Meadows gives away just how badly he knows he’s screwed himself

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows managed to hit the stupid bonanza when he voluntarily gave the January 6th Committee a treasure trove of evidence against himself, Donald Trump, and others, only to then break off his cooperation, meaning he incriminated himself and got himself referred to the DOJ for contempt. Now Meadows appears to realize just how badly he’s screwed himself.

The U.S. Court of Appeals has already emphatically ruled that the National Archives must turn over Donald Trump’s records to the January 6th Committee, rejecting Trump’s claim of executive privilege, which cannot be implemented by a former President. Trump has asked the Supreme Court to take up the case, in a move that has precisely zero chance of working, and very little chance of delaying things by more than a short period of time.

Now Mark Meadows is asking the Supreme Court to make a swift decision on the Trump executive privilege case, according to NBC News. If the Supreme Court were to rule that Trump can indeed somehow magically invoke executive privilege, then Meadows could argue that he shouldn’t be indicted for contempt, since he also tried to invoke imaginary executive privilege when he ceased cooperating with the committee.

The thing is, though, Meadows and his lawyers have to know that this has zero chance of working. Even this Supreme Court will not rule in Trump’s favor on this matter. So why is Meadows asking for a swift ruling? After all, Trump is hoping for a slow loss, in order to drag things out.


Meadows is looking at prison time for at least criminal contempt, and perhaps additional prison time for underlying election tampering crimes. Is he trying to get a swift resolution on privilege from the Supreme Court, knowing he’ll lose, so he can simply tell Trump that he has no choice but to go back to cooperating? Or is Meadows simply so far gone that he delusionally thinks the Supreme Court will rule in favor or him and Trump on this? Either way, Meadows is giving away how badly he’s screwed himself – and he know he’s running out of time.

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