Marjorie Taylor Greene just handed the Democrats a huge gift

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rhetoric is offensive, harmful, and dangerous. We’d all be better off if she were gone from politics. But since the House Republicans refuse to help us expel her, let’s at least use her to win the midterms.

Don’t you see? Greene is a huge gift to us. All we have to do is use her horribleness against every House Republican who’s running for re-election in a moderate district in 2022.

The media keeps spinning Greene as spelling doom for the Democrats, but they can never say why. That’s because it’s not true. In every district where Greene helps the republicans in 2022, they were going to win anyway. Greene hurts the republicans in numerous moderate districts.

Greene is probably good for handing three to five moderate House districts to the Democrats in 2022. That could decide majority control right there. Throw in the upcoming indictment of Matt Gaetz, and it’s about to be Christmas morning for the Democrats.

The republicans just got done proving this strategy works, when they used fictionalized exaggerated versions of The Squad to win moderate House districts In 2022 the Democrats just have to use the real versions of Greene and Gaetz to win moderate House districts.


The Democratic Party knows this, and I can guarantee this will be part of their 2022 strategy. The question is whether all of you are going to help them pull it off. Now is not a time for idle fretting about how the Republicans are “getting away with it all.” Now is a time for winning the midterms and keeping the fascist Republican Party out of power.

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