Marjorie Taylor Greene has a whole new problem

Earlier we brought you the story of how QAnon House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was in trouble because she’d been caught claiming that major school shootings never happened and were some kind of Democratic Party hoax. We predicted that this would quickly turn ugly for her, because it’s a particularly sensitive topic.

Sure enough, Parkland survivor and political activist David Hogg delivered a message to Greene on Thursday night: “I have one message for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Apologize Now or continue to spread these conspiracies and we will be sure to make the next 2 years of your life not only your last in Congress but a living hell as well.”


Hogg and his Parkland counterparts are the same people who helped take down the NRA, so our money is on them this time as well. Marjorie Taylor Greene should simply resign.

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