Marjorie Taylor Greene goes even further off the rails than we thought possible

If you go on Twitter on any given day, you’re likely to see some rhetoric about a “national divorce” – some inevitable break that will happen between red states and blue states. While much of this comes from conservative users and also a number of right-wing pundits on their own media channels, left-leaning social media users are hardly above it, as talk in 2016 about a potential #Calexit briefly became a thing.

Of course, while it might be all too tempting to ridicule Republican run states for being dependent on federal money and generally having all-around poor leadership, there’s a much darker side to it, as many of these states also have a significant number of Democratic voters and also large populations of people that are vulnerable to the reckless policies of the GOP – people who also can’t simply uproot their lives so easily and move to another state away from family or their own job aptitude. Therefore, we should call out this kind of behavior wherever we see it, while avoiding it ourselves.

Unfortunately, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is determined to make herself the face of the modern Republican Party decided to go there – even doubling down on the crazy by insisting that people who relocate from highly populated blue states like New York or California should lose their voting rights at least temporarily if they move to red states. She’s hardly the only influential voice on the right calling for this kind of thing, but fortunately Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego was there to point this out for what it is – treason.


Even going into an election year, Republicans aren’t afraid to associate themselves with it – and we shouldn’t either. We need to push extremists like Greene to the forefront of the party if we want to keep the majority – and force any Republicans who claim to be center right to take a stand on beliefs that are outright dangerous and treasonous.

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