Marjorie Taylor Greene goes even further off the deep end

“Public servants of good faith argue policy. Ghouls who believe they’re only representing themselves, not actual people, get personal and nasty.” S.E. Cupp, a conservative contributor from CNN, was quoted in the Washington Post in her criticism of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene has no interest in governing; she is a troublemaking attention seeker. Holding the vote up for two days on the Equality Act was not enough turmoil for Greene, so she decided to resort to personal attacks.

The congresswoman who brought the bill, Marie Newman (D-IL), has a transgender daughter. She hung a transgender flag outside of her door in support of her daughter, and Greene retaliated by hanging a sign outside of hers: “There are TWO genders: Male & Female. Trust the Science!” There is so much wrong with Greene’s sign. First, she is a QAnon believer, so she does not trust science herself. Second, as Ted Lieu tweeted, there is no science that supports Greene’s contention. Third, Greene is childish, vindictive, and nasty. There is no place for her in Congress.

Greene alleges that transgender rights encroach on women’s and religious rights. This reminds me of a t-shirt I almost ordered that says: “Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It’s not pie.” While none of her Republican colleagues spoke out against her, Politico reported that they privately fear her behavior will prevent them from having meaningful conversations on the issue. Given Rand Paul’s brutal questioning of President Biden’s transgender nominee Rachel Levine, who would seriously consider that Republicans want any conversation on transgender rights let alone “meaningful” ones? Despite Greene’s childish antics and Rand Paul’s unprofessional behavior, the Equality Act was passed by the House, though it will have a tougher time passing the Senate.

Look, we are all entitled to our beliefs. If you are against gay marriage, that is your right, but it is also my right to be perfectly fine with it. You cannot enforce your beliefs on others; we all must live here together, and we must learn to be respectful of each other. Politico reported that Denver Riggleman, a Republican from Virginia, was censored by his party for performing a same-sex marriage and then lost his race for reelection. This is wrong. Riggleman should not have been punished for exercising his right to believe everyone who wants to marry should be able to do so.

Just as there is no place for intolerance in the world, there is no place for the intolerance of an attention-seeking troublemaker in Congress. Greene has done nothing positive since being elected to office and has been nothing but a source of stress to her colleagues. Greene’s politics are the very reason why Holly McCormack announced her campaign to challenge Greene according to Gwinnett Daily Post. It is a noble gesture, but before anyone gets too excited, that part of Georgia is so red that it is burgundy. McCormack will have a tough time defeating Greene. But her campaign reminds us that there are still plenty of decent people out there who disagree with Greene’s brand of “politics,” if you can call it that.

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